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Custom Made Solid Timber Prestige Z-wave Doorbell

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Every now and then one of our customers brings us a requirement that can't be met by off the shelf products. One of the benefits we can offer is a set of capabilities and skills that extend beyond Home Automation, allowing us to produce unique and high quality products.

There aren't a lot Z-wave capable doorbells available. Those that are tend to be the typical plastic items, much the same as the cheap wireless doorbells you can pick up at Bunnings. Which for some house designs works just fine.

But what if your house doesn't go with white plastic? Or perhaps you're looking to create a better first impression in the entryway to your home, but still want a Home Automation integrated solution?

LiveHouse can help. How? Because we can build stuff. 


Carved from a single piece of Australia Jarrah Hardwood, cast metal plate with a porcelain button and finished with brass screws. Ideal for a character or federation style home, or one that has timber features.


The doorbell surround is created using a CNC Router from a 3D Model. The Jarrah is then stained, varnished, and a Fibaro Door Sensor is wired to the doorbell push button to provide the Z-wave interface to a Vera Home Controller.



The end result is something much classier than a plastic doorbell. In addition to the standard doorbell ding-dong noise (provided by a Philio Z-wave Siren which has 6 sounds) the system is configured to:

  • Play an audio file on a Sonos speaker in the kitchen of the lady of the house saying "Someone's at the door".
  • Command a Foscam camera at the front door to take a picture and then email it to the home owners.
  • Send a push alert to the home owners smartphones notifying them that the doorbell has been pressed. 
  • If the owners have enabled the "expecting friends" mode on their smartphones, it will automatically unlock the Lockwood Z-wave Deadbolt on the front door so they can let themselves in. This turns off after an hour to prevent it being left on accidentally. This is also handy for allowing tradesmen entry or for couriers to safely leave a package inside the front door.

Not only is Z-wave a great option for character homes as it doesn't require special wiring, you can enjoy the convenience and security of modern technology, while keeping with the styling of the residence.

Contact us with your out of the ordinary requirements.

Update - Doorbells now available as a build to order product

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