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Top 5 uses for Home Automation

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What can you do with Home Automation?

Whatever you want! The only limitation is your creativity. Here at LiveHouse we are constantly banishing the misconception that Home Automation is simply a remote control on your phone to switch on and off your lights. Home Automation can do so much more! Just an example of a few of the things we have done for our customers include;

Home Security

The biggest cost to a security system is the cost of labour to run wires to all your sensors. Because Z-wave is wireless, installing motion sensors and reed switches is super simple and since it's not hardwired you can take it with you when you move.

Z-wave is also low power so its batteries last years without replacing. Check out our LiveHouse Home Security Starter SmartKit for a preconfigured plug and play Home Security solution. 

Energy Saving

We all know that the cost of electricity is rising yet we have more and more devices needing power. Through the use of Z-wave technology you can reduce your power usage! Just a few power saving ideas implemented by LiveHouse are:

  1. Automatically turning off lights and devices like TV's when no one is home or motion isn't detected.
  2. Installing a smart Z-wave thermostat to regulate temperature.
  3. Automating curtains to close to keep heat out saving cooling costs.
  4. Installation of a power meter to report power usage.

Get the VIP Experience!

For those that can't afford to have their own butler but still want that VIP experience then Z-wave is the next best thing. Best of all you don't have to feed it! Would you like to have your garage door opening while you arrive and the front door automatically unlock? Did you want the day's weather report read over your SONOS system whilst you are getting ready for work in the morning?

With Z-wave and LiveHouse Automation you can! You can purchase our Garage Smartkit here and feel like a prince/princess entering their private estate in no time! 

Outside your Home

The use of Z-wave technology doesn't stop once you step outside. Z-wave can help in your garden or in your pool or pond. Install an Opensprinkler reticulation controller and integrate it with your Z-wave gateway and have a truly smart reticulation system.

  1. Control your retic from your smartphone or an internet browser and ensure your garden is getting watered while you're on holiday.
  2. Save water by linking weather reports with your controller to not water if rain is expected.
  3. Sick and tired of manually filling up your pool or pond. Install a water sensor and have it automatically fill up if the level gets too low using your reticulation system.


Several of our customers have a holiday house or a house rented out via AirBnB and want the convenience and peace mind of knowing the house is safe and secure. No more meeting clients to hand them the keys or leaving your house keys in the mailbox. Why not install a Lockwood Smartlock and open the front door from the convenience of your own home thousands of miles away. Once your clients leave ensure they haven't left the TV or lights on by cutting power through a contactor and a Zwave relay like the Fibaro single switch.

The possibilities are truly endless and once you start on your Home Automation journey you'll wonder how you ever did without it. The great thing is you can start small and add functionality later on.

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