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LiveHouse S.O.S (Save Our Scotch) - Home Bar Automation

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So you've finally got yourself that home bar you've dreamed of all your life? A fortress of solitude where you can enjoy a nice Whisky, or Craft Beer with your friends.

The problem is, you've got teenagers. And you know what that means.

Rather than risking the bottle of Glenlivet Archive 21 on your top shelf, here's how Home Automation can solve your problems. Whether it's preventing an unsupervised underage bar incursion, making sure your beer doesn't get warm or providing just the right mood lighting.


Customer Problems

  • Teenagers who may take advantage of the facilities while no parents at home.
  • Beer Kegerator with a thermostat that resets if the power goes out.
  • RGB LED Strip Lighting with a remote that's too hard to use after the first couple of rounds. If you can find it.

LiveHouse Solutions

  • Bar Alarm that arms/disarms automatically depending on the GPS location of owners iPhone.
  • Door and Motion sensors that send alerts direct to iPhone if the alarm is armed, complete with the LED lights flashing like a Police Car so the kids know they're busted.
  • Temperature monitoring of the Kegerator with instant alerting if the beer gets above 5 degrees. You can never be too careful.
  • Bar Lights and LED's automatically turn on to preselected scene (Deep Purple) when the bar door is opened and the owner is home. This also sends an alert, just in case one of your mates raids the fridge while you're manning the BBQ.
  • Full iPhone control of all Lights, LED colours and presets, alarm on/off and status of Door and Motion Sensors.
  • Automatic alerting on low battery conditions for sensors. Really, you can't be too careful.




Home Automation Parts Used

  • VERA Lite Home Automation Controller
  • iPhone with HomeWave App
  • Fibaro Z-Wave RGBW Controller
  • Fibaro Door/Window Sensor with Temperature Probe
  • Fibaro Z-Wave Dimmer
  • Aeotec Multi-Sensor



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