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Laundry Moisture and Kitty Litter Problems - Solved

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Sometimes a smart solution is also a quick one.

My significant other was asking me about the moisture on the walls and Windows in the laundry, caused by using the Tumble Dryer on cooler days. She was worried about mould. I helpfully pointed out that the problem wouldn't exist if everyone remembered to turn on the extractor fan when using the dryer. And turn it off again afterwards.

Hilarity ensued, as I'm sure you can imagine.

After I'd finished cowering, I decided that an Automation Solution would prolong my life and make my partner happy. Fortunately I already had part of the solution in place - my laundry lights and fan are controlled by a Z-Wave Double Switch which is linked to my Vera 3 controller. Using a Z-Wave plug-in switch with Power Monitoring the solution was as easy as a few lines of logic on Vera:

  • If Dryer starts using more than 100 Watts, turn on extractor fan.
  • If Dryer starts using less than 100 Watts, turn extractor fan off.
  • If Fan is manually turned on, start a 1 hour timer and send me a notification that the Kitty Litter needs attention. (It's the main reason my partner turns the Fan on manually).
  • If Fan Timer expires and Dryer using less than 100 Watts, turn off fan (you want the fan to stay on if the dryer is running).

Not only has this little solution eliminated the moisture and mould risk, it also helps vent hot air in summer if the dryer is used. We can see how much electricity (Watts/KWH) the dryer is using, which might encourage us to use the clothes line more.

It also eliminated the TV interruptions for "Would you clean the damn cat tray?!". It's done before she even asks.






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