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Painting the Aeotec Door/Window Sensor 6

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One of the nice features of the Aeotec Door/Window Sensor 6 is that they are specifically designed to be painted so that they can blend in with your home.

This maximises the Wife Acceptance Factor and prevents those disapproving looks as more and more gadgets start appearing around the house. I recently added one to my front door, and set up some logic that makes an alert on the Sonos speakers that the door has been left open after 90 seconds. 

If it's still open after 5 minutes it announces that we're not replacing the cats if they escape.

Anyway, it gave me an opportunity to try out the colour matching. And I'm very pleased to say this is a 5 minute job - tops.

I started with mounting the sensor and testing it out. 

As you can see, WAF was a bit low. So I picked up a spray can of Rustoleum 2X Ultra Cover Satin "Espresso" from Bunnings which is suitable for use on plastics.



I have a little spray booth for this kind of exercise, but all you need to do is put some newspaper down while spraying.



A single coat is all that's needed with this Ultra Cover spray, after an hour it was ok to pick up and mount again.

The result is a sensor you're not even aware is there.


At least until the Sonos kicks in and reminds you about the cats. 

Happy Automating!

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