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Tech Note - Issues with Controller Shifted Vera

Posted by LiveHouse Automation on

Upgraded from Vera3 / Lite to Vera Edge using the controller shift procedure? You may be affected by this problem. 

When you migrate from an earlier Vera to a newer one with Z-wave+, you have two options for connecting your Z-wave Devices. Pair all of your devices to the new Vera or perform a Controller Shift which copies your Z-wave network to your new Vera.

There's obviously a lot less effort in the controller shift, and it's what we've generally recommended people do when they get their new Vera. However, after a recent discussion we had with Vera Support in relation to the Remotec ZRC-90 Scene Controller and new Fibaro FGK-10X door/window sensors, it appears that there is an issue with Vera's that have a controller shifted Z-wave network.

On my own Vera Edge it was practically impossible to get a Fibaro FGK-10X to pair at all, and the ZRC-90 would pair but not activate scenes even though the latest Vera firmware fully supports it. However, getting a new Vera out of the box, both devices paired and worked on the first attempt. Vera support had this to say:


... if the unit is running on a transferred network then the device will not configure properly and we are looking into this but at the moment, we don’t have any details.

... I have to let you know that due to totally different platforms and z-wave mesh algorithms, even if the transfer works, your z-wave mesh will never be as reliable as it would have been if was a new setup. There are various emulation methods made by Vera Edge to support the old meshing algorithms that the other Vera unit was using and with a transferred setup, you are not benefiting of the improved specs of the Vera Edge.


So I wasn't going crazy, there was something about my Vera (controller shifted from my old Vera 3) that was causing issues with these devices and possibly explains some other quirks I've experienced. Unfortunately Vera Support doesn't make this information public or as a note in their Controller Shift guide, because it may help people to decide to go through the pain of a full reconfiguration. (Update: Vera have publicly acknowledged the issue here.)

I doubt that Vera will specifically fix the problem - it's one that will die out as migrations between newer Vera's become the norm, or people reset their Z-wave networks to resolve unexplained problems - current Vera Support workaround is reset the Z-wave chip and start again.

Our recommendation for upgraders will now change to "Re-Pair everything and start from clean state". Additionally, if you have a Vera Edge that has a shifted Z-wave network on it you may want to undertake a full rebuild. Especially if you're experiencing difficulty getting devices to pair, or operate correctly once paired.

I will be doing a full rebuild myself, despite having over 60 devices to pair again, plus reconfiguration of all of the scenes, logic etc. 

Hopefully it will be onto a Vera Plus (yes, a Plus) that I'm modifying to work on the AU Z-wave frequency. But that's for a future Blog article.

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