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Aeotec Z-Wave NANO In Wall Smart Dimmer

Aeon Labs

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Nano Dimmer dramatically improves the lighting in your home. Dimming is smoother. Compatibility is broader. Lighting is faster and more responsive. Automation and intelligence have never been more powerful. And it comes in such a small size, that you’ll be amazed at just how much functionality we were able to craft inside.

The best wiring
compatibility yet.

Powered by both its dedicated Lighting Engine and a dedicated 32-bit CPU, Nano Dimmer calculates lighting at unparalleled speeds. It calculates perfectly smooth dimming, and it calculates perfect bulb compatibility, self-adjusting its settings whenever a new bulb is attached.

That means that you won’t ever have a problem finding lights that works with Nano Dimmer’s list of compatible bulbs.

Neutral not required.

Whether your lights are installed in a 2-wire or 3-wire system, Nano Dimmer is compatible. Lighting Engine auto-detects whether your light switches have a neutral wire or not, then automatically adjusts it settings.


Works with your existing light switch.

Nano Dimmer has been designed to enhance your home, not to completely change it.

That is why it is been designed to work with most of the light switches typically found in homes, new or old.

Smooth dimming.

Dimming the lights in a room is beautiful. But it’s also technical. It takes what is known as phase control; the reduction of the amount of voltage a light bulb consumes along its trailing edge or leading edge.

Whatever amount of light you need, Nano Dimmer delivers. It can dim your lights from between 0% and 100%. And it can dim them at perfect speed with Nano Dimmer offering an adjustable ramp rate allowing the brightness of your lights to adjust over moments or minutes.

Perfectly small.

To make an in-wall lighting controller this perfect means working from the ground up. But despite now being 60% smaller than our original technology, every single millimetre of Nano Dimmer benefits from our 10 year’s experience in making in-wall dimmers. 

Nano Dimmer 42 x 39. 5 x 20mm

Perfectly safe.

Surges happen and are common, and Nano Dimmer protects against them. With a in-built surge and overload protector, Nano Dimmer not only keeps your lighting connected it keeps them protected.

Perfect with low voltage lights.

Homes increasingly have low energy lighting that is hard to dim. It can even dim low power LEDs and CFLs that use less than 20 watts through the use of a bypass.


Nano Dimmer installs behind a lighting switch or dimmer. It works with both 2-wire and 3-wire (with or without neutral) lighting setups, though each installation of Nano Dimmer is accordingly slightly different:


  • First determine if there is a neutral wire present in your gangbox located behind your lighting switch. This will determine if you are wiring under 2-wire or 3-wire.
    • If there is a neutral present, you will follow "Wiring diagram of 3-Wire system" under the section "Install Nano Dimmer"
    • If there is no neutral present, you will follow "Wiring diagram of 2-Wire system" under the section "Install Nano Dimmer"


  • Depending on your load size, you may or may not need to install a bypass load if your minimum load does not meet expectations. To determine if you need a Bypass load, determine if your load meets the minimum power requirements. 


Installation Type
Minimum load power requirement.
3-wire Installation with Neutral Wire
2-wire Installation without Neutral Wire


  • There are some important electrical specifications you will need to know about Nano Dimmer before installing it to your load:


Power input: 120 to 240VAC, 50/60Hz.

Maximum Rated Current Output: 1.2A maximum

Maximum Rated Power Output: 144W maximum.


Control ability
Supported load types
With dimming function (On/Off/Dim control)
Incandescent bulbs, Halogen bulbs with or without electronic transformer, Dimmable LED bulbs (leading edge and trailing edge), Dimmable Fluorescent lamps.
Without dimming function (On/Off control only)
Non-dimmable bulbs, Compact fluorescent lamps with electronic rectifier, Fluorescent tube lamps with electronic ballast, LED Bulbs


Manuals and Downloads

Aeotec Z-Wave NANO In Wall Smart Dimmer - User Manual 


Ask a Question
  • I have a Vera lite if I change my processor to a newer version will this increases the time to turn lights ect on/off

    Do you mean if you change the Vera controller to a newer model will it increase the speed that lights turn on or off?

    The newer controllers are faster, but unless your controller is really really busy, the biggest factor affecting your light operation is the reliability of your Z-wave network. As soon as you have bad reception and commands need to be retried you'll get delays of several seconds of more. 

  • I have an existing push button dimmer (diginet) that works as a on/off switch and dimmer. Can I install this with it. If so, how should it be wired?

    The Nano Dimmer will only work with a Toggle or Momentary switch (it can't be connected to a dimmer).

    Alternately there is a touch sensitive control available as well:

    All wiring diagrams are in the product documentation.

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