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LiveHouse IP Security Cameras

"99% of our burglary and steal jobs are solved with good CCTV" - WA Police Officer

See our Blog on trying to solve a real crime and how 720P cameras are NOT good CCTV.

When a Police Officer I know said this to me I started thinking about the the grainy, almost unrecognisable images on the news and some of the recordings I'd seen from budget IP cameras - particularly in low light conditions. I wanted to make high quality surveillance more affordable for every home and small business.

The end result, LiveHouse is proud to introduce our own selection of IP Security Cameras and Network Video Recorders. We listened to our customers requirements and partnered with a manufacturer to deliver those features (and more) at a better price than other available cameras.

We removed features that were seldom used such as microphone inputs and alarm system interfaces and invested in the components that really mattered - High Quality Image Sensors, Autofocus Lenses, advanced video processors and discreet IP66 weatherproof housings. 

We believe the result is an IP Camera that outperforms models costing more, and offer a 14 day satisfaction guarantee if you don't agree.