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DHS RFID Security Keypad


  • $10900

Product Details

Control your Z-Wave Gateway with the wall-mount Mini Keypad RFiD. The keypad's "Home" and "Away" buttons allow you to quickly arm/disarm your security system and/or run automation scenarios. In addition to using pushbutton controls to enter a PIN, you can wave the included keychain RFiD Key Tag in front of the keypad to arm/disarm the system.

Based on a specific PIN that is entered, scenes can be triggered to activate other Z-wave automation.



Product Name  RFID Wall Scene Controller
Powered by 2 x AA 1.5V batteries (from 2.3V to 4V DC)
Operation Range Up to 30m when no obstacles
Z-Wave Device type



Radio frequency 921.42 MHz (AUS/NZ Z-Wave)
Application Indoor use only
Operation temperature 0oC to 40oC
Supported RF Protocols Z-Wave, ISO15693, ISO18000-3, Tag-it™, RFiD
Sound level 60dBa at 10 cm distance
Housing ABS
Dimensions (W x H x D) 60,8 x 60,8 x 30,4mm


DHS RFID Security Keypad - User Manual

DHS RFID Security Keypad - Integration Manual

DHS RFID Security Keypad - Technical Specification


Ask a Question
  • How do I set this up in Homeseer? You only seem to have instructions for Vera online.

    We don't have any documentation for this device and HomeSeer. That's a question best asked to HomeSeer support.

    The device is Z-wave so can be connected to a HomeSeer controller. How HomeSeer then recognises and displays the device and its capabilities is a function of its software. Vera has specific device configuration that enable operation.

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