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Aeotec Z-Wave Garage Door Controller

Aeon Labs

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The garage door is one of the most overlooked yet frequently used entrances to your home. Aeotec’s Garage Door Controller brings the intelligence of the connected-home and Z-Wave to it. Easily connected to your door’s existing motor, Garage Door Controller enhances it with a suite of security and safety sensors.

Always aware.
Monitor and control your garage door via a smart phone and an Internet connected Z-Wave hub from anywhere in the world.

Complete package.
Garage Door Controller comes with everything you need: the controller, a tilt sensor, and accessories.

Tilt sensor lets you receive notifications when your garage door is opened and shouldn’t be.

Entry log.
Keep a time log of when the garage door has been opened or closed, and receive remote notification when that happens.

Z-Wave inside.
Garage Door Controller is powered by Z-Wave Plus, Aeotec’s Gen5 technology and acts as a Z-Wave repeater.

Security controller.
Automatically set security cameras connected to your Z-Wave system to record when your door is opened or closed.

Smart control.
Control your garage door from a smart phone or any other Z-Wave controller.

Manual control.
Control your garage door manually via the smart controller’s central push button.

Safety first.
Controller includes a 105dB siren and LED lighting to warn of door closures.

Upload MP3 tones.
Customise the controller’s safety tones by uploading MP3s via USB.

Simple install.
Simply connects to your garage door’s existing motor via two cables.

Manuals and Downloads

Aeotec Z-Wave Garage Door Controller - User Manual 


Ask a Question
  • Does it work with Gliderol GTS Optima + (direct connection no wall button present) Thank you

    The Gliderol GTS should work fine with the Aeotec to control door open/close.

    If you check the install guide, on page 5 it shows you the wiring diagram for a single external switch. This is how you'd connect the Aeotec.

  • does this work with Samsung Smartthings Hub just being launched onto the Australian market? (currently via RACV)

    As far as I know, SmartThings doesn't have native support for the Garage Door Controller. However, one of the SmartThings community has written a custom device type to make it work. Details can be found on Aeotec's Support Site here.

  • Does this controller use a normally open voltage free switch to allow it to connect directly to spare hard-wired external button press terminals on the motor PCB?

    Yes, that's correct. The Aeotec controller simply closes a relay to short either the existing external switch circuit or the external button terminals on the motor. It doesn't supply voltage through the relay.

  • Would this work with Google Home? Do I need a thing else for it to work with it.?

    Google Home doesn't have built-in Z-wave, so you'd need a Z-wave hub that has integration with Google Home.

    Vera doesn't have native support yet, but there are 3rd party Vera plugins that make it work (for the more tech savvy home automator). One of our customers wrote an article about it.

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