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Home Automation Design and Installation

Don't know where to start or overwhelmed with all the home automation jargon and devices available? 

At LiveHouse, Home Automation is our passion and we want everyone to benefit from this wonderful technology. We cater for the DIY crowd who like to tinker and experiment all the way to those who just want their home automation problem solved by someone else. 

If you're in the DIY crowd then head straight to our home automation products and we'll let you get on with it!

However, why don't you let us do all the hard work? We offer a free home automation design and consultation service Australia wide and if you're in Perth we can even come out to your home.

We have a unique combination of experience in Electrical, Electronic, Radio Communications and Information Technology. Our Services Include:

  • Home Automation System Design (New or Existing Homes)
  • Equipment Supply and Configuration
  • Project Management of other Vendors/Trades for End to End Delivery
  • Integration with existing Automation, Security or IT Equipment
  • Automation Logic and Scene Programming

Our design and consultation process generally follows the following steps:

  1. We start off with discussing your problems or requirements. We can do this over email, phone or if you prefer a free home visit. Home visits have the advantage of getting a clearer picture of the problem and helps identify which solution will best fit your needs.

  2. Once we have a clear understanding of the problem our design engineers will draft a solution proposal. Each solution proposal will have the problem definition so you can check that we have translated your requirements correctly and what the solution will deliver in terms of functionality. The solution proposal will also include all hardware that will be installed. 

  3. You can then choose to:
    • Purchase the gear and install and configure yourself
    • Have us configure the devices and you complete the installation or
    • Have us do the lot! We can install your home automation system for you!\
It's completely up to you!

Also, please ask about our support and maintenance options. We'll look after your system so you don't have to.