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LiveHouse Home Energy Monitor

LiveHouse Automation

  • $22800

The LiveHouse Home Energy Monitor is a non-invasive solution to monitoring the power use in your home. 

It is capable of monitoring a single phase, reporting instantaneous Watts and cumulative kWh wirelessly to your home automation controller via an Ethernet connected gateway. A single gateway will support multiple Energy Monitors and other LiveHouse/Mysensors devices that are on the same RF Channel.

Each LiveHouse Energy Monitor requires 2 power outlets for its plug-in low voltage transformers - one to power to the monitor and the other to sample the AC voltage. A Current Sensor then clamps around the Active wire of the circuit you wish to measure. The AC voltage sampling increases the accuracy of the measurements, rather than assuming the voltage is 240V like some other energy monitors. AC voltage in Australia can vary between 220-260V and in fact varies continuously.

A Dual Circuit Version is available with two Current Sensors for monitoring multiple circuits (eg. Grid Use and Solar Generation). For 3-Phase Monitoring a Single Circuit Version can be connected on each phase.

In the Box:

  • LiveHouse Home Energy Monitor with external RF Antenna
  • 12V DC Adaptor
  • 9V AC Adaptor
  • Clip On Current Sensor(s) with 1m cable

Designed and Assembled in Western Australia by LiveHouse Automation, based on Open Source Hardware and Software components. Each LiveHouse Energy Monitor is individually calibrated with its Current Sensors and Power Adaptors to minimise the effect of manufacturing tolerances.

If mounting the Energy Monitor inside a metal meter box, you may need to mount the Antenna externally. We have an antenna extension cable available specifically for this purpose.



Technical Specifications
RF Protocol
nRF24L01+ with MySensors v2.0
RF Frequency
Worldwide 2.4GHz ISM Band
Indoor use only, for outdoor use watertight plastic box
12V DC Monitor Power
9V AC Voltage Sampling
Operation Range
Up to 30m without obstacles
Current Range 1 - 100A
Operating Voltage 220 - 250 VAC
+/- 6% > 1A
Operating Temp.  -0C ~ +40C
100mm x 97mm x 40mm


LiveHouse tests and supports Vera Controllers for use with the Energy Monitor, however MySensors plugins are available for many automation controllers:

  • Ago Control
  • Calaos
  • Domoticz
  • DomotiGa
  • FHEM
  • Freedomotic
  • Home Assistant
  • HomeGenie
  • Homeseer
  • Homey
  • HoMIDoM
  • Indigo Domotics
  • ioBroker
  • Jeedom
  • MajorDoMo
  • Misterhouse
  • MyNodes.NET
  • OpenHAB
  • openLuup
  • PiDome
  • pimatic
  • Vera
  • XTension




LiveHouse Automation supports Open Source projects. The Energy Monitor uses PCB's sourced from and a portion of the proceeds from each Energy Monitor sale is contributed to the project. 

The LiveHouse Energy Monitor uses the following Open Source Components and any code/hardware designs are released under the same licence as the components on which they are based.

  • Arduino Core Libraries - Lesser GNU Public License
  • Arduino Hardware - Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License
  • OpenEnergyMonitor Library - GNU General Public License v3
  • OpenEnergyMonitor Hardware - Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License 
  • MySensors Library - GNU General Public Licence v2

For information on GNU Licences, refer to

For information on Creative Commons Licences, refer to

The Source Code for LiveHouse Energy Monitor is available on request and released under the GNU General Public Licence v3. A download link will be provided once the production version is completed.





LiveHouse Home Energy Monitor User Guide





Ask a Question
  • Does the Livehouse energy monitor have the capability to detect individual loads on a single phase installation the same as the Sense Home Energy Monitor (not available in Australia). The Smappee also does this but it cant detect loads less than 30 to 40 watts.

    If you're looking at the Sense or Smappee this probably isn't the product for you.

    This energy monitor is a basic sensor used as in input device for a complete home automation system which typically has other devices with energy monitoring capability connected as well (light modules, plug in switches). It's not a device+app solution. It measures instantaneous watts and tracks kWh, transmitting this to the Home Automation Hub every 30 seconds. 

    You can connect it up to monitor the power use of the entire home, or you can deploy multiple sensors (only need a single gateway though, we can sell the power monitors individually) to monitor other circuits or outlets in the home.

    From there it's really up to the Hub and how you configure it for what it then does. Can you use it to sense appliances? In a way - I have a 3 phase airconditioner and my hub knows that if the power use increases on all three phases by 1000W or more inside 30 seconds, the aircon is on and runs a scene to track the run time of that appliance.

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