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LiveHouse Automation :MCO Touch Panel Power Switch Dimmer,MCO

MCO Touch Panel Power Switch Dimmer


  • $12950

MCOHome Touch Panel Switch Dimmer is a wall switch with built-in Z-Wave module. It supports basic command class,association command class, which can control all associated devices synchronously. This product can be included and operated in any Z-Wave network with other Z-Wave certified devices from any other manufacturers

Product Details:

  • Elegant designed glass panel with capactive touch buttons
  • Easy for installation and stable in performance 
  • Flush-mounted in 90*60mm  rectangle junction box(America)
  • Power supply: 85~260VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Z-Wave frequency: 921.42MHz. (AU)
  • LED load: <1A together
  • Load type: Incandescent, Fluorescent, Ballast, Motor, CFL
  • Electrical Product Safety Approval Certification (SAA) Australia and New Zealand

    MCO Touch Panel Power Switch Dimmer - User Manual


    Ask a Question
    • Will this switch work with Samsung Smartthings without a custom device handler?

      Unfortunately we don't have an answer for that, none of our other customers have tried to connect these to a SmartThings hub.

      They are a standard Z-wave dimmer, so I would expect that the default handler for dimmers should work fine with them.

    • Do these dimmer switches have any minimum load for LED lights and is a bypass required with these switches ? Do these dimmer switches cause the LED lights flicker ?

      All electronic dimmers can have issues with LED lights and low loads depending on the type of lights.

      Although MCO doesn't quote a minumum load figure, there is still the potential for flickering on a load of 50W or less and a bypass may be required.

      If in doubt, it can be more cost effective to purchase a bypass you don't use, than to pay an electrician to come back a second time to install the bypass later.

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