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TEM Modul Z-Wave Ready Double Switch Set - 2/3M


  • $5786

TEM Switches are specially Imported from Europe and provide an alternative switching solution for all types of Z-wave control devices including Dimmer Modules.

Compatible with all Z-Wave modules that require Momentary (Push Button) switching. There are two options with this set:

  • 1-Way Momentary Press - typically used to control a single Z-wave Switch or Dimmer
  • 2-Way Momentary Press - typically used to control a Blind Motor or Dimmer that is compatible with Up/Down switch layout.

The sets consist of:

  • 2 x Switch Mechanisms
  • 2 x Switch Covers
  • Mounting Frame
  • Decorative Surround Plate

Standard Sets use Line style Polar White buttons and surrounds. Please see the Collection Page or contact LiveHouse for more information on custom options to suit your home.



Ask a Question
  • What do you mean by Z-Wave ready? What is the difference between this and a Clipsal switch?

    We mean that this is a complete set of parts and mounting hardware with momentary push button mechanisms (the most straightforward to use with Z-wave modules) ready to be installed and connected to a Z-wave Dimmer or Switch module.

    The difference between a Clipsal switch (other than style) will depend on what switch mechanisms you have installed in it (toggle or momentary). 

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