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Vera Z-Wave 3.5dBi Antenna Upgrade Kit

LiveHouse Automation

  • $3500

Viagra for your Vera. Get some extra length and strength in the antenna department. LiveHouse's upgrade kit increases EIRP (Effective Isotropic Radiated Power) by 30-40% over Vera's internal printed circuit board antenna.

Increase the range, reduce the number of hops and latency in your Z-wave network while giving your Vera Mil-Spec appeal. 

The 3.5dBi Antenna Upgrade Kit for Vera Home Controllers is suitable for:

  • Vera Lite
  • Vera 3
  • Vera Edge

To install you'll need a 6.5mm drill and a pair of needle nose pliers. Simply disconnect the existing antenna and plug in the new one. If you're buying a new Vera from us, we can install the antenna upgrade for you at no extra charge.

Please note that this modification will increase RF awesomeness but will void the manufacturers warranty.


Ask a Question
  • Can this antenna be fitted to the VeraPlus controller?

    Hi - not without some fairly hard core modding. The VeraPlus doesn’t have a pluggable external antenna - it’s built into the Z-wave module and would require some soldering. 

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